Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen

Doctor in Medicine, president and founder of the Association for the Cannabis as a Medicine (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Cannabis als Medizin ACM). He collaborates with the Kölner Nova-Instituts (Colonia), on the department of renewable raw materials, and is author of numerous articles and books about the therapeutic potential of cannabis plants and cannabinoids. Dr. Grotenhermen is an assessor and judge in pharmacological and toxicological aspects of cannabinoids, and member of the Scientific Assessor Council of the Cannabis Therapeutics Journal.


Dra. Raquel Peyraube

Dr. Peyraube is a Doctor in Medicine and specialist in the Problematic Use of Drugs, with a formation in Psychiatry, Toxicology, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in topics related to childhood, adolescence and social exclusion. She has contributed to capacitation, prevention, treatment, and damages reduction, including innovative theory and methodological developments with a focus on ethical matters. She is dedicated to the development of clinical trials, information diffusion, and consulting for the reform of Drug Policies in various countries.


Dr. Sergio Sánchez

Medical Surgeon from the University of Chile, Doctor in Medical Humanities and Sociosanitary Sciences from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Postgraduate Degree in Public Health from the University of Chile and MBA from the Andrés Bello University. Expert in Drug Policies and Cannabinoid Medicine. President of Fundación Latinoamérica Reforma and member of the Experts Committee of the Knowmad Institut Deutschland. He is the author of various books and chapters in politics and drug regulation related publications. He is also a researcher in studies for drug consumption, psychoactive substances, and pain management. He has been granted excellency scholarships and awards for his dedication to public health.


Profesora Hinanit Koltai

She is a scientific, and principal investigator on the Agricultural Research Organization in the Volcani Center on Rishon Lezion in Israel. She is dedicated to the research of medicinal plants, specifically in the therapeutic use and properties of cannabis.


Dr. Facundo Álvarez

Has a postgraduate degree in Endocannabinology and Cannabis Therapy. Graduate from the National University of Tucumán. Has participated in various conferences related to the medicinal and therapeutic use of cannabis in patients. He had an internship in extractions, quality control, biochemical analysis, and medical uses of cannabis, dictated by the Science for Cannabis Foundation. He is a co-founder and member of ANANDAMED, Specialized Institute in Consulting and Medical Follow-Up in the derivates of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Dr. Álvarez is a member of societies like the Entheogens and Cannabis Medicine, CANNAMERICA and QRATIVA, civil association.


Dr. Raúl Porras

Graduate Medical Surgeon from the Medicine Faculty of the UNAM. He is currently studying to obtain his Postgraduate Degree in Biomedical Sciences on the National Medical Center Siglo XXI. He has a certification in Cannabinoid Medicine from the Medical Cannabis Institute. For three years he has been advising patients under cannabinoid treatment. He is also a consultant in diverse organizations and corporations related to medicinal cannabis. He has published various articles for national and international scientific journals. Speaker in many events and member of the International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM). Founder and president of Asociación Civil de Cannapeutas.


Dr. Joseph Rosado

Medical Director of a medicinal cannabis clinic in Florida, USA. Member of the speakers’ table for political campaigns in defense of cannabis. He started on Chiropractic School in Life College in Marietta, GA, where he graduated cum laude on the graduate degree of Clinical Nutrition and a postgraduate degree in Chiropractic. He graduated from the Central University of the East, in San Pedro de Macorís and completed his masters in Medical Corporations Management in the University of Phoenix. As a clinic, he has worked with kids, adolescents, adults, and geriatric patients, for primary attention, recommendation, and medicinal cannabis management. As an author, he has published several research articles in medical journals and is the author of “Esperanza y Curación: El Caso de la Cannabis Medicinal,” and has been cited on the Rolling Stone magazine.


Dr. Jorge Manzanares Robles

Studied his bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy on the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and completed his post-graduate degree in Pharmacology from the Department of Pharmacy of the Pharmacy Faculty of the same university. He has published over 184 scientific articles in international journals and chapters in books about diverse topics of neuropsychiatric diseases. He has been invited as a speaker in over 210 scientific conferences in various countries and is vice-president of the Neurosciences and Aging Foundation, and also a member of numerous international scientific societies. Dr. Manzanares has been an associate researcher in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology of Michigan State University in East Lansing in the United States. He has worked on the Ministry of Education on the departments of Pharmacology of the Pharmacy Faculty and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology on the Faculty of Medicine in the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, in the University of Neuropathology of the Institute of Neurobiology Ramón y Cajal of Madrid of the Superior Council of Scientific Research and in the Unit of Cerebral Cartography of the Multidisciplinary Institute. He conducts researches on the Sanitation Ministry on the Psychiatry Service and Research Unit of the 12 de Octubre Hospital of Madrid. He is also an academic in Pharmacology and dean of the Pharmacy Faculty at the Miguel Hernández University on the San Juan de Alicante Campus and is part of the National Addictive Disorders Network for excellency groups on the Sanitary Ministry of Spain and is the director of Biobanco de la Red.


QFB. Juan Manuel Viveros Paredes

Pharmacobiologist Chemist from the University of Colima, he realized his masters in Biomedical Sciences (immunology orientation). He works on the Immunopharmacology Laboratory in the University Center of Exact Sciences and Engineering in the University of Guadalajara. He is a professor and researcher with acknowledgments from the National System of Researchers (SNI Level I) of the CONACYT and has a PROMEP profile. He is also a member of the Academic Body UDG-500 “Pharmacology of natural products” and titular academic on the Biochemistry II course on the QFB degree and Advanced General Biochemistry in the doctorate’s degree of Sciences in Biotechnological Processes. Member of the certification committee in the QFB bachelor’s degree. He has imparted courses of Methodology of Research, Immunology, Biochemistry of Nutrition, and Clinical Biochemistry. He is also a collaborator of the Doctorates in Sciences: Biotechnological Processes CUCEI and Biomedical Sciences CUCS, as well as academic in the Clinical Nutrition Masters at UNIVA. He has directed theses on bachelors, masters, and doctorate levels. He has published papers related to natural products and the endocannabinoid system in international arbitrated and indexed journals. His works have been cited in over 168 occasions. He has participated in national and international congresses.


Dr. Francisco Ramírez Méndez

Dr. Ramírez is a Medical Surgeon with a specialty in treatment based on cannabis and its derivates. He has a masters in Occupational Health and is a medical auditor certified by the Medical College of Perú. He belongs to the Society of Cannabis Clinicians USA and the Latin American Reforma Foundation. As well, he is part of the Medical Society of Cannabis in Perú and participates as a speaker and organizer of courses for the Medical College of Perú. In his clinical practice, he tends patients with cannabis treatment in ailments such as fibromyalgia, cancer, migraine, Parkinson, among others. He completed his postgraduate degree in the Medical Cannabis Institute and has been dedicated as a speaker and teacher on the use of therapeutic cannabis.


Dra. Alionka Citlali Ángeles Moreno

Industrial Pharmaceutical Chemist from the National School of Biologic Sciences of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry under the implementation of quality systems, as well as clinical trials monitoring. She has participated as the founder of the Pharmacology Research Service at the General Hospital of Mexico (third authorized for bioequivalence studies). She has published scientific articles about bioequivalence and pharmacokinetics on the Mexican population, a chapter in a book about Neonatology, and another about experimental designs in bioequivalence. She is completing her doctorate’s degree in Medicine Research on the Superior Medicine School of the IPN in the area of Neurosciences. She is also the General Director of Global Bioanalytical Consulting and Grupo Phi Innovación and Desarrollo Científico, S.A.P.I de C.V.


Dr. Luis David Suárez Rodríguez

Dr. Suárez is a graduate medic from the UNAM with a specialty in Acupuncture and Fitotherapy, as well as Physiologic Regulation. He is a member of the American Conference for the Advancement if Medicine, the Mexican Association of Ozonotherapy and the Spanish Association of Ozonotherapy. Since 2015 he has been a member of the Scientific Assesment Committee of the International Scientific Committee in Ozonotherapy. He has worked for over 12 years in functional medicine, and eight years with medicinal cannabis on his private practice. Since 2011 he has been a member of the International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM), and on 2018, founded the Mexican Association of Cannabinoid Medicine (AMMCann AC) with his colleagues, which is a non-profit institution, which objectives include the education of medics and other health professionals in the correct use of cannabinoid medicine in Mexico. Nowadays he serves as the president of the AMMCann Ac.


Dr. Carlos Aguirre Velázquez

Graduate from the National University of Nuevo León with a specialty in Pediatrics and a subspecialty in NeuRopathy. He is also a Gestalt Psychotherapist. He is certified by the Mexican Neurology Council and completed a course in Cannabic Medicine at the Medical Cannabis Institute. He has been a speaker in various medical events focused on neurology and pediatrics. Dr. Aguirre also belongs to societies such as the Mexican Pediatrics Neurology Society, the Mexican Chapter of the International League Against Epilepsy, the American Epilepsy Society, the Society of Medics of the Children’s Hospital of Monterrey and the College of Pediatrics of Nuevo León. He has also worked on several pieces of research concerning pediatric neurology, biomedics, and other areas.


Dra. Paula Dall'Stella

Doctor in Functional Medicine with six years of experience working on the radiology sector at Hospital Sirio Libanés, in San Paulo, Brazil. She got residency in ultrasound and general radiology at Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da USP and completed her postgraduate degree in neuro-oncology from Hospital Sirio Libanés. She has studied alternative medicine and has been a volunteer in United Nations Stabilisation Mission in The Democratic Republic of the Congo. She is the scientific director of AMA + ME – Asociación Brasileña de Pacientes de Cannabis Medicinal. She gives speeches to oncologists and neurologist about the endocannabinoid system and medical cannabis in Brazilian hospitals and universities. Also, is a member of the International Cannabinoid Research Society and the Asociación Internacional del Cannabis como Medicina.


Dr. Carlos Enrique Maldonado Muete

Dr. Carlos Enrique Maldonado Muete is a physician, pharmacologist and professor of pharmacology who contributes his experience in biotechnology, pharmacovigilance, clinical studies and knowledge of the medical community and regulatory authorities, as a local and international lecturer. Among other roles, he has participated in medical and regulatory issues related to the approval and commercialization of several new medicines. Dr. Maldonado has achieved results through his role as a former Medical Director of international
pharmaceutical companies and as an external advisor. He currently is the SVP, Clinical Development at Avicanna


Dra. María Fernanda Arboleda

Dr. Arboleda is a Medical Surgeon from the Pontifical Javeriana University of Bogotá, anesthesiologist and subspecialist in pain medicine and palliative care from the UNAM and the National Institute of Medical and Nutrition Sciences Salvador Zubirán. She received a fellowship in regional anesthesia, anesthesia for spine surgery, and interventionist management of pain at McGill University. Dr. Arboleda has a postdoctorate degree in Support Care in Cancer and Medicinal Cannabis research from the McGill University and Santé Cannabis, she is also a leading clinician and has a specialty in the prescription of medical cannabis in Quebec, Canada. She is also medical director of Khiron Life Sciences Corp., leader company in medicinal cannabis in Latin America and leader in research projects in Canada, particularly in patients with oncologic and non-oncologic chronic pain.


Dr. Emilio Alvaro Garcia Habegger

Emergency Physician with a certification from the Sociedad Argentina de Emergencias and clinic researcher. He studied at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Universidad Maimónides in Buenos Aires, Argentina.   He completed post-graduate studies in Endocannabinology and Pain Medicine, with a particular interest in patients with cancer and management of neuromuscular disorders.   He specialized in the use of cannabinoids for pain control.   He has been a speaker in various congresses like “Cannabis and its therapeutic uses,” “First American Meeting of Professional Experts in Phytocannabinoids,” as well as hospital days of medical cannabis.   He is the medical director of DOING Canna Bs. As. Also, professor and researcher.   He is member of the cultural association Jardín del Unicornio, Club de Cultivo and Conservación de Genéticas de Cannabis.   He has worked with chronic patients and pre-hospital emergencies.


Dr. Daniel Limón Pérez León

Head of the neuropharmacology laboratory of the faculty of Chemical Sciences at La Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Postgraduate Professor of Chemical Sciences, biochemistry, and molecular biology. Member of the national system of researcher level II. He studies the role of cannabinoids as antioxidants to the Parkinson treatment.


Lic. Jorge Puflea Hernández

The Cannabis investors club is a global web with presence in Latin America, in which is concentrated developing projects, raw materials, and cannabis researches.


To impulse the education and research of cannabis with an emphasis in the pharmaceutics and medical areas, to contribute to establishing the best regulatory model of the cannabis in favor of the public health, as well as providing knowledge based in evidence for the health professionals.


To bind the most relevant figures of cannabis investigation and medical and pharmacology teaching in the world, structuring a pedagogic program that creates an impact and coverage, nationally and internationally, to make a high-quality symposium, that will be a global referent on scientific encounters about the medical uses of cannabis.


In June 2017 a decree was published on the Diario Oficial de la Federación to reform various laws in the Health General Law to permit medical uses of cannabis. Two years later, there is no corresponding regulation and formal and regulated access to safe medications based on cannabis.
That is why we firmly believe that education is a key factor to establish an effective regulatory model. The capacitation actions that foment working under a scientific, updated, and internationally upfront approach for clinical and pharmacological research for specialists are scarce.


Since the discovery and characterization of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) at the early 90s, the clinical and pharmacological research in the world has been directed to find different uses and applications of cannabis and cannabinoids in various pathologies. Nowadays, there are thousands of protocols of basic research and more clinical trials, searching to establish the foundations and limits of the use of these drugs in the current clinical context. Even if there have been enormous advances on the characterization of the ECS’s physiology, there are still more answers regarding the cannabinoid medicine, in particular if existent anecdotic evidence is taken into account about the beneficial use of cannabis on diverse pathologies, and the lack of controlled clinical trials that validate with the necessary statistical and methodological force to guarantee its incorporation, as tools of first-line in the therapeutic arsenal of modern medics. For this reason, we, the organizers of the PHARMACANN MX 2019 symposium have the mission of reuniting international experts in physiology, pharmacology, clinic, and different aspects of cannabis sciences, in an effort to approach the Mexican medics and health